Valve Grease for pipeline process valves and wellhead valves

Valve Grease

ACC Corporate can offer a wide range of valve grease Lubricants, Sealants and Flush that are formulated to the specifications of the environment, such as CO2, H2S, high or low temperature, gas or oil and formation water.

ACC Corporate valve Grease Lubricants, Sealants and Flush are widely used in the Oil and Gas Production Industries. We also supply Australia's many pipeline maintenance companies.

ACC Corporate Valve grease Lubricant, Sealants and Valve Flush products can assist in re-instating the integrity of problem valves such as leaking or seized valves.

Seized valves can also normally be freed by utilizing our range of flush products, ACC Corporate can build a specialized 10K flush pump for use with the DSI Liquid Valve Flush.

These penetrate the seizing medium, normally lacquer, gum or scale which normally cause the seizure helping to free the valve.

This is a lot more cost and time effect than replacing the Valve or removing it from the production to maintain.

Once freed, the valve is lubricated and maintained with the valve grease lubricants or sealants which resist wash out and degradation and will maintain the valve in an operable condition even in the most serve conditions experienced in the oilfield.

DSI Liquid Valve Flush

DSI Valve Flush



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