Stage Cementing Collar.

Stage Cementing Collar.

This Packer cementing collar (PCC) has been designed to address the requirements of stage cementing packer applications where the operator wants flexiability to inflate the packer and open the PCC either hydraulically or mechanically.

This PCC is unique in that the packer and the cementing collar can be hydraulically actuated through the application of casing pressure immediately upon displacement of the first stage cement.

There is the option to run it as a hydraulic only operated tool.

The need to wait for the opening dart to drop to the packer is eliminated.

The packer uses high strength stainless steel slats to reinfornce the full length of the inflatable element.

The packers are avaialble with standard 3ft / 0.9mm and 10ft /3m seal lengths.

A pliable oil resistant elastomer covers the steel reinforcement for effective sealing in open hole.

One end of the packer element slides while maintaining a seal to the casing mandrel.

This packer collar is best suited for use in vertical and low build rate deviated well applications.

The inflation is contriolled by a Safe Lok Valve system.

The opening and closing pressures can be adjusted throught the field changeable shear pin arrangement.

Inflation of the packer is achieved through application of casing pressure.

Pressure is normally applied upon displacement of the first stage displacement plug.

Optionally a packer inflation activiation bomp or pump down plug can be used to achieve pressure intergrity to inflate the packer element.

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