High Pressure Test Pumps Rental.

ACC-Corporate is very proud to present their high pressure test pumps rental units.

These test units offer a fast, safe and simple method of testing Hydro Equipment.

Ideal for testing valves and void spaces in well heads also especially useful for testing in pipe work.

How they Work.

The required hydraulic pressure will be generated by means of the air-operated pump.

The hydraulic pressure corresponds to the set air pressure multiplied by the transmission ratio of the pump. (See Dual capacity below).

When the unit reaches the pre-set pressure, it stops automatically and maintains the pressure until there is a pressure drop caused through site leakage.

All the controlling and regulating processes are of unsurpassed simplicity.

So, the complete unit is very robust, operationally reliable and insensitive to hardest operating stresses.

The ACC-Corporate high pressure test units are explosion-proof because no electric energy is required for their operation.

Manufacture Information.

Our Pressure Test Units can be built to adapt to any system and are manufactured with Stainless Steel frames and Stainless Steel control panels.

ACC-Corporate will custom build your Pressure Test Unit to fit your application with options and accessories such as:-

1)Stroke Counter.

2)Hand Lever for very precise pressure.

3)Pressure Relief Valve.

4)Pressure Switches.

5)Chart Records.

6)Tank /Size Volume.

7)Multi Outlets.

All ACC Pressure Test Units can be supplied with Pressure Test Certification.

The ACC-Corporate, air driven, Pressure Test Units can range in volume per stroke and end pressure, to suit your application

Simple installation, operationally reliable, easy to maintain

Dual capacity.

Dual pump pressure test units can be built to have a variety of pump combination / ratings applicable to your requirement, for example: -

Pump 1: x High Pressure Low Volume @ 6,000 psi Pump 2: x Low Pressure High Volume @ 1,000 psi

We offer a wide range of test pumps up to 20,000 psi and higher if required.

Typical Applications.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing.

Valve testing.

Leak Testing.

Valve Actuation.

Pressure Testing of Hoses.


Wellhead Shutdown Systems.

And much, much more.

Available for Rental or Purchase.

That’s’ right...we are happy to discuss with you your requirements and supply the right terms for you.

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