Inflatable Casing Packer (ICP)

The Inflatable Casing Packer (ICP) is designed to be run on standard casing sizes and seal between the casing and either open hole or another casing.


• Cement assurance in open hole or between casings

• Zonal isolation of different reservoir sections in open hole completions

• To prevent gas or liquid migration

• Use as a cementing aid for cement column support

• Erosion control in long horizontal sections

• Isolating multi-lateral branches

• Isolation in open hole completion for selective stimulation


• Full length steel wire reinforced element

• Large flow area valving to prevent erosion

• All shear pressures referenced to the casing annulus

• Adjustable shear pressure with multiple shear screws

• Simple, reliable valve design

• Inflates with any displacement fluid

• Large expansion ratio

• One piece mandrel (no internal joints)

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