Commercial Trash Compactors for Oilfield use.

Commercial Trash Compactors & Trash Compactor Bags.

ACC Corporate has a range of trash compactors that suit the Oilfield Industry.

ACC Corporate also has available a range of trash compactor bags to suit various machines.

Trash Compactors and Trash Compactor Bags are available in a range of sizes and other capabilities.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements regarding type of rubbish, area available as a foot pad, amount of rubbish requiring disposal and also bag size dimensions for transport or any other requirements you may have.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and pricing.

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Please contact us at anytime to discuss your requirements on Trash Compactors, Trash Compactor bags,Wellhead Valve Maintenance, Valve Grease, Fittings and Pumps.

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