Choke and Kill Manifold

Choke and Kill Manifold.

ACC-Corporate is happy to discuss with you... your requirements for your choke system.

Available from 3,000psi to 15,000psi.

Control Box of Hydraulic Manifold.

• Six series available 21Mpa, 35Mpa, 70 Mpa, 105Mpa single and double hydraulic control (If required a counter for mud pump strokes can be installed).

• On the panel of the control box, the pressure of stand pipe and casing can be displayed.

• Adopting pressure transmitter to sense which has the properties of high sensing precision.

• Good shock-resistant performance.

• Easy Installation and natural anti-explosion.

• If counter for mud pump stokes is installed the stroke number, frequency and total stroke of mud pump can be displayed respectively.

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