Oil Drilling Rig

Looking for a Oil Drilling Rig???

We are the Australian Agents for WEI of Italy.

What does WEI manufacture??

Wei manufactures hydraulic oil drilling rigs with an aim to achieve all customers’ needs and requirements.

The rigs are self-transportable and up to 205 mt hook load capacity, mounted on semitrailer.

The rigs are completely hydraulic driven, with high performance both in drilling and in work over activities.

The rigs are designed to operate in every climate area, in hazardous zones and severe conditions.

The simplicity of their manufacture allows time to be saved during the rig up and rig down activity.

Thanks to lack of guy lines and bolts reduces the personnel and the management costs.

For example the DS205 is supplied by the hydraulically operated semi-automatic drill pipes manipulator that feeds a 5” drill pipe R3 in 28 seconds and does the complete operation of lifting-connecting drill pipes on 60 seconds.


WEI range ..

D20    Max pull up     44,000.lbs.

D50    Max pull up    110,000 lbs.

D75    Max pull up    165,000lbs

D100 Max pull up    220,000lbs.

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19 Key Points about WEI and their Oil Drilling Rigs

1)      Mechanical drilling rigs for Water. Oil and Geothermal wells.

2)      Hydraulic drilling rigs for water well up to 250 ton capacity.

3)      Servicing rigs up to 250 ton capacity.

4)      Wire line rigs…truck mounted.

5)      Components for mud manifolds.

6)      Choke manifolds with any type of gate valve.

7)      WEI 5’ x 4’ shale shakers single and double units.

8)      WEI 2’ x 3 ½’ mini shale shakers for water well.

9)      Complete oil mud systems.

10)   Complete water well mud systems

11)   Hydraulic top drive up to 250 ton capacity.

12)   Rotary tables up to 250 ton capacity with 12” to 27 ½ “ opening

13)   Swivels up to 250 ton capacity

14)   Rotating control heads

15)   Travelling blocks and hooks up to 350 tons capacity.

16)   Rotary and wellhead equipment

17)   Spare parts for all type of duplex and triplex mud pumps for oil & water

18)   Spare parts made on drawing by the customer of customers sample.

19)   Servicing and maintenance activity on all types of drilling rigs and equipment.

Who is WEI?

WEI was established in 1998 with experienced staff in manufacturing oil and water drilling rigs, also in carrying out on site surveys, testing inspections and re-certifications, as well as maintenance and revision on rigs and equipment.

WEI’s technical department is constantly looking for new products and technologies applied to drilling, as well design of automatic systems aimed at saving costs and also mainly at the safety.

The technical department works with the most important Universities and Research Institutes for new materials and applications in drillings.

Great attention is given to product quality and service.

Wei is located about 80kms from Milan in Italy.

WEI has property of 10,000 square meters with a manufacturing building of 4800

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