Save 43% on a Refurbished Grease Pump.

Refurbished Grease Pumps on Special...Save 43%.

That's right we have not 1 but 2 Refurbished Grease Pumps for sale.

Whats your Investment?

New price for same pump is A$16,000...

These are going for just A$9130

Save 43%.

Price is FOB ACC-Corporate.

These pumps are ready to go.

First come first served.

What's their background?

These are pumps that a client traded in and we have completely refurbished.

Look at the picture you can see they are in pretty good nick.

Whats have we done.

* Rams- stripped, new seals, checked ...please note these pumps include long rams for tall drums.

* Air seals and fully serviced.

* Lower Tube...stripped, checked and new seals.

* Repainted.

* New Wheels.

* New foot stand.

* Comes with 2 foot plates.

Can handle 11 inch/40 lbs pails...also non-standard 9 7/8 inch diameter pails.

* 10,000 psi test certificate.

* Fully tested.

* Comes complete with discharge hose.

Included in the price is a fully fumigated wooden crate.

Any questions please contact me.

Mark Liesegang.

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